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Dec 27, 2022
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Nepal Earthquake: Report from KLL Situation Room - Day 10 (May 5)


Kathmandu Living Labs

We are pleased to announce that we have extended our situation room to the office of Nepal Engineers' Association. We have established a mobile clinic where the engineers who are volunteering with Nepal Engineers Association come in with queries related to OpenStreetMap and mobile data collection app.

Relief workers using OSM

caption id="attachment_632" align="aligncenter" width="960"

Map KLL received from Canadian Forces
](https://kllsites.sgp1.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/blogs_img/2015/05/CanadaForceOSMKathmanduMap.jpg) Map KLL received from Canadian Forces/caption

We received printed maps from the Department of National Defence, Canada, Geomatics Support Team. The map uses OpenStreetMap as a primary layer.  Department of National Defence, Canada expresses its thanks to all the volunteers who have contributed to map Nepal. We also received a 'thank you' from United Mission to Nepal for providing them with offline OSMAnd Maps and printed maps for OSM through our http://quakerelief.info portal.

"Hi KLL friends, I just wanted to update you that we were able to access and print the maps ourselves from our own office and our IT team has succeeded in loading it onto smart phones. I'll keep you informed if we need more help. We really appreciate everything you are doing! kind regards, Katherine Parker Advisor, Health Team United Mission to Nepal” More help, a tiny bit of fun

To help us cope up with the raising demand of digital and printed maps, we have seven new GIS volunteers who joined us at our situation room today.

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KLL Situation room volunteers taking a short break
](https://kllsites.sgp1.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/blogs_img/2015/05/QuakeDinner.jpg) Digital Volunteers taking a short break from the KLL Situation Room/caption

We also took a short break to reflect on the work that we have been doing for the last week. It is the first time since the earthquake that all of us sat together and had a nice dinner. We are happy to have Robert Soden here in Kathmandu for next few days. He is the first remote mapper we have met face-to-face in this crisis.

QuakeMap updates

We would like to apologize as our servers experienced some downtime in our quakemap.org site due to high traffic. We are looking into solving this problem, and are taking the downtime extremely seriously.

Finally, the volunteers at Humanity Road (HR), who provide a night shift on helping curate the information on http://quakemap.org, left us a very heartening response when we logged in this morning, showing how QuakeMap is directly helping with Rescue and Relief.

What you do matters to Nepal. Crisismapping can be very tedious and finding what happened after can be even more challenging. We wanted to share with you a sample of your results for just one incident.

Apr26 –(HR volunteer) entered a few facebook posts into the map for different villages including Ramechhap. http://www.kathmandulivinglabs.org/earthqu…/reports/view/324

Apr30 – (KLL volunteer) verified the need (Verifier) and relayed it for action.

May2 – Nepal Army posted pictures of their response Soldiers of Nanda Box Battalion of the Nepal Army in Search and Rescue Mission in Ramechhap. https://www.facebook.com/Nepal.Army.Military/posts/1178629955496597

May4 (HR volunteer) updated the case to say it was resolved and included a link to the photo and Nepal Army posting.

THANK YOU for helping those in need.

Kathmandu Living Labs

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