Regional TechCamp on Good Governance 2020

Status: Ongoing

Highlights: 5 nations | 500 youth | Unlimited possibilities


The issues of governance are too big an issue for any single individual or organization to solve. It requires a concerted effort from a number of different actors - one of which is today's youth. These youth shape, and are shaped by, the region's quality of govrnance.

However, many youth are yet in their nascent stages. They will find it useful to learn from the experts, collaborate with like-minded youth, and expand their networks. However, at this stage, their access to such resources are mostly limited.

Hence, there exists a natural space for an intervention to:

  • first identify, gather and organize active youth actors working in the region;
  • then upgrade their cross-cutting skill sets that will help them to pursue their good goverannce goals; and
  • create and sustain a regional network of youth actors, mentors, experts working on good governance.

This program aims to achieve all of three of these.



To improve regional integration and enable good governance in the South Asia region by instilling values of regional cooperation, collaboration and dialog among its youth actors.



  1. To recognize and create a network of at least 500 South Asian youth who are actively working to improve governance in the region, and to provide them with cross-sectoral skills that improve their ability to do so effectively.
  2. To solicit, identify, develop and support three best interventions that help solve identified challenges to good governance in the region.
  3. To create a ‘network for regional governance collaboration’ that will act as a connecting platform for the youth of today and the future to collaborate on matters of governance in the region.


What have we done so far?

  1. Trained over 400 South Asian youth by organizing eight virtual Bootcamps for Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
  2. Created a Facebook group with the Bootcamp participants and the mentors, and carried out activities in this group.
  3. Out of the 400+ youth, selected 50 participants and waitlisted 13 participants for the in-person TechCamp to be held in Kathmandu in Dec 2020. Summary statistics below:


No. of Bootcamp participants 

Selected for the TechCamp













Sri Lanka







What's happening now?

From Jul to Aug, the selected TechCampers will:

  1. Upgrade their cross-sectoral skils through a series of ideation Camps.
  2. Create and submit proposals aimed at improving an aspect of governance in their regions. There are 9 teams (5 from Nepal and one each from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka).


How can you be a part of it?

  1. Join the Facebook group 'TechCamp 2020'.
  2. Watch our Facebook live coverage of Ideation Camps on KLL's Facebook page.
  3. Visit site and stay updated.
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